About RichSoil & Co.

Food is culture

The world is our garden. We cultivate it and it nourishes us. Its well being is the condition for all life and the guarantee of our humanity.

In the spirit of Washoku* and recognizing the central role of farmers, fishermen and animal husbandry in the quality of our everyday lives, we  support a culinary culture inspired by the beauty of the seasons, the natural flavors of fresh ingredients and traditional craftsmanship.

Recognizing furthermore the ecological importance of agriculture, we promote a relationship with the natural world based on respect and mutual benefit through the support of food producers dedicated to natural processes and, sustainable and humane practices.

When we make food we make culture, identify place, create communities, sustain our bodies and, most importantly, enter in conversation with the living world.

RichSoil&Co explores social practices associated with the production and consumption of food in Japan. We consult on farm/restaurant relationship and menu design.

Richsoil & Co.

* FY2013 Annual Report on food, agriculture and rural areas in Japan. MAFF

Group Restaurant

The Blind Donkey
The restaurant “the Blind Donkey” is the collaborative life’s work of Jérôme Wague and Shinichiro Harakawa, who continue their journey to meet producers who respect nature and are committed to sustainable work. The restaurant’s name comes from an anecdote about the legendary Zen monk Ikkyu, who lived in the 15th century.